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The Challenge

Currently, one out of four Floridians identifies as Latino, and one out of six identifies as African-American. The proportion of minorities under the age of 18 is even larger, with one-third of Florida children identifying as Latino and one out of five children identifying as African-American and are most likely to receive “In-School suspensions, damaging behavior reports that follow them through their education years and out-of-school suspensions. When Children are suspended from school, they learn less, are less likely to graduate on time, and are more likely to be held back, this leads to them becoming involved in the juvenile justice system, and ultimately drop out. Youth Empowerment Summit-YES, research and work with students of all ages in the Duval county public schools, low-income neighborhoods and their community centers. We also offer workshops to educate parents and teachers on the deficiencies’ in student academic achievement, and what they can do to push back against minority students being pushed out - and help all children of color succeed.

Working to Ensure a Future for Minority Students

Our Approach
In light of the widening academic achievement gaps between White students and their African-American and Latino peers, is the reason Youth Empowerment Summit-YES launched our Societal Development Solutions 101 & 102 programs. The YES SDS – 101 & 102 is a Student Success Initiative, deploying empowerment strategies in the Jacksonville metropolitan and Duval County areas which collectively represent the largest percentage of first-generation, low-income and minority student populations.
Our programs have been introduced to the public schools, community organizations and youth church organizations through four key strategies to ensure more underrepresented students are prepared to pursue and complete high school and are given the chance at a postsecondary education and acquire the skills necessary to obtain high-demand, high-paying jobs. Those strategies are strategic investing, building and reforming systems, public and political building, collaborating and convening.  The YES programs are currently being implemented across the public and private education continuum, starting with Early Grade Success, continues through High School, College and Career Readiness and on to Postsecondary Completion.


African-American and Latino students, when compared to their White peers, show significant differences in student academic achievement from the early grade years to and through postsecondary completion.

Minority Student Academic Achievement Gap:

20% - Black
34% Hispanic
49% - Caucasian

Of Florida students that are proficient in Reading:
62% - Black
70% - Hispanic
82% - Caucasian

Of Florida students Graduate from High School:
27% - Black
34% - Hispanic
42% Caucasian


The Impact

​Youth Empowerment Summit-YES, measures its need and impact within the Jacksonville, FL (Duval County) Student Success Initiative using a number of short- and long-term indicators, including tools such as the Duval County Public Schools Annual Reports, Florida Department of Education – District Reports.

Our successwill be measured by our ability to use our four key strategies to shrink the widening academic achievement gaps between White students and their African-American and Latino peers across the Jacksonville Florida education continuum. Our goal is to empower early learning students through Life Coaching with behavior and/or life traumas while also increasing the number of first-generation, minority and underrepresented students in Jacksonville entering a post-secondary education and the workforce with the skills necessary to obtain high-demand, high-paying jobs, stimulating and growing the state’s economy and helping meet the state’s workforce talent demands.