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October IS Bullying Prevention Month

What is the urgency?
Over the last year, schools throughout the US have experienced a frightening increase in bullying and acts of hate. Each year, schools across the US participate in bullying prevention activities during the month of October.

This year, when hate is on the rise, our greatest challenge is to stop bullying and hate and move toward welcoming, identity safe, and inclusive places.

The largest portion of hate incidents in the post-election period occured in K-12 schools and college campuses according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Incidents like these are being reported across the

U.S.: swastikas on walls, African American students threatened with nooses, Heil Hitler salutes at sporting events, young people chanting “Build a Wall, you’re getting deported” as they point to Latino students.

Immigrant, Black, Jewish, Muslim, and LGBTQ students continue to be targets of relentless harassment and bullying.

We can make a difference in transforming school environments into safe and inviting communities for all students.

 Take Action Now:
Check out our Anti-Bullying Film Festival and support an open discussion on ways to promote inclusion and stand up to hate.
Each day in October you can share a new short film about standing up to bullying and intolerance that can be found on this page. The Anti-Bullying Online Film Festival includes a range of films that showcase the incredible energy and enthusiasm of young people taking a stand against bullying, intolerance and all forms of hate.

Some films are NIOT originals, while others are made by youth speaking out in creative ways. Watch and share! Please let us know how you are using these films and check for updates on The Not In Our School Facebook page.

More free films are available at