The YES Program & Life Coaching Impact
97% - of our class rating given to us by students
100% - Students continued Participation

After completing our program
 86% - of students know what path they want to pursue
1.64 - average number of interviews students had while in the program
9% - average increase in self-efficacy for every student
17% - average increase in well-being for every student
 95%Hope,74%Motivation79%Personal Awareness, 95%Self-Confidence

Some of the other benefits are:
·        Student Ownership
·        Better Attendance at School
·        Better attitude about School
·        School Motivation
·        Hope in their Future

YES Career Discovery Coaching

Jobs and/or careers are one of the most important resources young people can leverage to transform their outcomes. Enhancing chances of success at work requires a good look at job fit.  Read More about our Societal Development Solution 102 Programs:for more information

Client Testimonials Continued

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Our daughter is a typical teenager with self-confidence issues. Additionally, at 11th grade, she was at the crossroads regarding career choices and wanted to have a coach who could help her through a career discovery, although she did not want to go to college. In meeting the people from YES, and hearing them say " that youth deserve to be successful, whether college bound or not."

Career Coaching with YES was a great experience for both her and I. Through Societal Development Solution (SDS)102;  career coaching and assessments, my daughter gained a better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses. Using this discovery, she was able to narrow down her career choices to a small list. Additionally, YES coaching gave her insights on how to improve her self-confidence through positive thinking. We were very impressed with YES ability to connect and communicate clearly with our daughter. Their coaching style is very pragmatic, yet strength and value based. We have offered our daughter the opportunity to continue coaching with YES on an ‘as needed’ basis. We suspect this will be a life-long partnership. As a result of the YES coaching, our child is slowly but surely improving her self-confidence. She is more self-aware and proud of her strengths and accomplishments. We highly recommend the YES Societal Development Solution 102 career coaching for your teen, regardless of what situation they are in. Give it a try and you will be very pleased. – Mother of a 16-year-old Client, Jacksonville, FL

Atlantic Beach, Florida 


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I was referred to the YES organization for my sons coaching through his school. He was receiving weekly required counseling for class-room Behavorial concerns.  JoAnn, from YES, is his coach and her ideas were sound and logical, my son really enjoyed meeting with her (doesn’t happen often!) and I felt that they could work well together. JoAnn taught my son that everything, from homework to socializing, is a mindset that can be changed if you put in the effort. She connects with teens in a way that supports and empathizes yet teaches. I certainly think her coaching was what was needed and my son also believes it was. My most important takeaway from this experience was that a parent’s and/or teachers reaction to a child’s anxiety over daily living/events is not always reasonable.  Having the emotional distance of a neutral, knowledgeable third party, like JoAnn, really makes a difference in both parents and children’s lives without the stigma that counseling can bring.  One simple example, I could tell him forever to talk to her teacher/raise his hand in class and he would never listen, or he would just say he hated school.  JoAnn was able to get him to start participating and change his mindset about school just after three sessions with a reasonable calm explanation of why he should do it, how he would benefit to achieve his other goals, and how to do it.  No drama. – Mother of 14-year-old client in Mayport/Atlantic Beach, FL